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Are you looking for certification? Or looking to train your employees?

These self-paced, online eLearning courses can prepare you for the Indiana pesticide certification exams or introduce workers to the basics in your field. These courses present 5 to 8 hours of training through Purdue University’s online delivery system and includes a copy of the training manual as part of the registration fee. All you need is an internet device and a browser. We recommend a high-speed internet connection to receive the full multimedia experience. The certification exam is NOT part of the e-Learning training. You will have to sign up at to take the exam at a site close to you.


CORE Training for Pesticide Applicators

Core addresses the fundamentals all pesticide applicators in Indiana must know. Applicators seeking certification as a commercial applicator, registered technician, or private applicator will take the Core exam.

Category 2 – Forest Pest Management

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Category 3a – Ornamental Pest Management

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Category 5 – Aquatic Pest Management

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Category 7a – Industrial, Institutional Structural and Health Related Pest Management

The Category 7a Industrial, Institutional, Structural, and Health-Related Pest Management course helps applicators prepare for the Category 7a certification exam. The course addresses the control of insect, arthropod, and vertebrate pests.


To sign up for the category you are interested in, you will need:

  • An email address for registration,
  • A mailing address to receive the hard-copy manual,
  • A credit card to pay the $110 registration fee.


Registration Procedure
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Certification Exams:

You can schedule a time to take the certification exam at one of the 25+ Ivy Tech campuses across the state, plus Vincennes University. Metro Institute conducts proctored exams for a fee. Sign up and schedule an exam on their web site: