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Dicamba Update

In 2019, registrants will conduct the mandatory label required dicamba training for applicators.


PPP-119 11-29-18DRAFT  DRAFT VERSION  For Educator reference only DO NOT DISTRIBUTE

Dicamba-FAQ (11-26-2018)   6-page collection of frequently asked questions regarding mandatory dicamba training, required records, buffers, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions powerpoint presented 11-28-18. Reference only. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE

Indiana dicamba RUPs (5-11-2018)  A list of dicamba products registered in Indiana that are classified Restricted Use Pesticide (RUP).

Educator Instructional video (12-21-2017)
Unedited version (contains unmuted comments, etc.) Speakers: Bill Johnson & Joe Ikley, Purdue Weed Science; Fred Whitford, Purdue Pesticide Programs; Dave Scott, Office of Indiana State Chemist.


Driftwatch  2018 (PPT – 20 slides) Author: Beth Carter, OISC  UpdatedNew features: CropCheck, Mobile Apps   

Utilizing Precision Ag to Comply with Setbacks (PPT – 27 slides)

Bee Aware Pollinator Protection (PPT – 37 slides)

Using Herbicide Classification Chart (PPT – 43 slides)
Poster of Chart (PDF)

Paraquat Poisoning (REV. 3-15; PPT – 16 slides)

Post Harvest Sanitizers (PPT – 30 slides)
Approved Sanitizers handout (PDF)
Authors: Amanda Deering, Liz Maynard

Manure Handling Near Produce Farms (PPT – 29 slides)
Authors: Liz Maynard, Scott Monroe

Category 14-2018 (PPT – 49 slides) Updated by Trish Dunn and Matt Pearson
Fertilizer Regulation Handout (DOC)

Fertilizer Certification (PPT – 16 slides)

Private Applicator Record Keeping (PPT – 23 slides)
REVISED: Includes both RUP and Manure required record keeping

Mini Bulk Rules (PPT – 20 slides)

Clean Sweep-Pesticide Disposal (PPT – 7 slides)
Prevent Glugging (WMV Video)

Well Contamination (PPT – 27 slides)

Atrazine and Water Quality (PPT – 44 slides)

Bulk Storage (PPT – 43 slides)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPT – 30 slides)

Pesticide Jeopardy (PPT – 68 slides, revised 2016)

Pesticide Poisoning of Livestock (PPT – 20 slides)

Drift (PPT – 45 slides)

Other PARP Topics

Cover Crops and Weed Seeds (PPT – 17 slides) Author: Don Robinson, OISC Seed Commission
Additional reference information can be found at the Midwest Cover Crops Council

Useful to Usable U2U Corn Split N Applicator Decision Support Tool
Author: Hans Schmitz
PowerPoint (PPT – 32 slides)
Overview REV 10 2015 (PDF – 4 pages)
User Guide REV 20 2015 (PDF – 6 pages)

Aquatic Plant Control (PPT – 24 slides)

Category 14 Certification Training Master (PPT – 110 slides)


PARP Program Slide
to display during PARP meetings

Commercial Certification for Extension Educators:
Document describing commercial certification parameters for Extension Educators (DOC)

Private Applicator Application Form (PDF)

PARP Fee Remittance PARP-2 (PDF)

PARP Attendance Form PARP-1 (PDF)

PARP Card Label (PPT)

PARP Program Approval (DOC)

Webinar 11-18-14
Navigating PARP website and DriftWatch revisited

What's New

In 2019, representatives of BASF, Bayer/Monsanto, or Corteva/DuPont will present the dicamba label required mandatory training to applicators.

Dicamba FAQ from OISC has been updated with 2019 label information

UPDATED PPP-119 Draft 2019 updates

UPDATED DriftWatch powerpoint includes CropCheck (under Regulatory Topics)

NEW Cover Crop Weed Seed powerpoint (under other PARP Topics)

UPDATED Category 14 Regulations