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2023 Pesticide Regulatory Update

(pptx 26 slides rev. 2-16-23)  RUP Records, Supervision, Fine Restructured

2023 Dicamba Update
2023 State PARP video (2-7-2023) 2 hours
  • video stored on Box; Field Crops> PARP > 2023
  • Bill Johnson, Extension Weed Science Specialist; 2023 Weed Management Update, 45 min.
  • Christian Krupke, Extension Entomologist; Bt Corn Traits: Cost vs. Benefit Analysis, 45 min
  • Andrew Westfall, ANR Educator White County; 2023 Pesticide Regulatory Update, 30 min


Anhydrous Ammonia Safety Developed by ANR Educator Ann Kline.

  • Anhydrous Ammonia Safety pptx  (57 slides, 121  MB, stored in Box) Created by Ann Kline. Thorough script notes that include suggestions for presentation settings. Review the Train the Trainer video before presenting.
  • Train the Trainer Video (60 min) Review the train the trainer video before presenting the topic. Video includes suggestions for conducting a demonstration as well as classroom style instruction.
  • Anhydrous Ammonia  PPP-140

Managing Product in Inventory  (PPT 37 slides, 1.16 GB)  or “Is it still good?” the presentation has many video clips of Fred Whitford (why file is so large). It is downloadable from the FieldCrops ANR internet, but cannot be previewed.
PPP-142 Is This Pesticide On My Shelf Still Good?

Strongly recommend viewing the video of Fred presenting before presenting. 

Pesticide_MiniBulks (PPT  51 slides) Developed by ANR Educators Ann Kline and Beth VanSickle. Corresponding publication PPP-136 Pesticide Minibulks filling, maintenance and containment

  • Train the Trainer video (55 min) Zoom recording of Kline, VanSickle, Becovitz, Whitford presenting the topic and answering questions. Educators are strongly encouraged to view before presenting the topic.
  • Pesticide Minibulk Resources(doc) one page handout to give audience with resources and contacts.
  • PPP-136 Pesticide Minibulk Filling, Maintenance, Containment


For Horticulture Crops

Reducing Pollinator Exposure to Pesticides in Specialty Crops (PPT 45 slides) Author Laura Ingwell, Jan. 2020

Dicamba Drift with Emphasis on Specialty Crops (PPT 21 slides) Authors: Stephen Meyers and Bryan Young, Dec.2020

Fungicide Mode of Action (PPT 45 slides) Author: Dan Egel, Dec. 2020


Dicamba Update

2022 Dicamba Recordkeeping Fact Sheet PPP-119   Quick guide to dicamba applications in 2022. Fill-able online record sheet for dicamba applications

OISC Dicamba Resources.
Weather Apps for Wind Speed and Inversions, 12-2018. Joe Ikley, NDSU Extension Weed Specialist


Understanding the Revised Worker Protection Standards (WPS) (PPT 25 slides 2-2018) Author Joe Becovitz, OISC.

DriftWatch20 PPT – 21 slides) Author: Beth Carter, OISC  New features: (DNR protected sites, Hemp crops)

Companion publications:

Watch out for Grapes DW-10-W (PDF)
Watch Out for: Pesticide Drift and Organic Production DW-1-W (PDF)
Protecting Honeybees from Pesticides E-53-W (LINK)
Indiana Hemp Regulatory FAQ (LINK) 


Precision-AG-Setbacks (PPT – 27 slides)

Bee Aware Pollinator Protection (PPT – 37 slides) Pollinator Protection Overview adapted from NCSU

Using Herbicide Classification Chart (PPT – 43 slides)
Poster of Chart (PDF)

Paraquat Poisoning (REV. 3-15; PPT – 16 slides)

Cover Crops and Weed Seeds (PPT – 17 slides) Author: Don Robinson, OISC Seed Commission
Article in Pest & Crop Newsletter 12-17-2018. Additional reference information can be found at the Midwest Cover Crops Council

Post Harvest Sanitizers (PPT – 30 slides)
Approved Sanitizers handout (PDF)
Authors: Amanda Deering, Liz Maynard

Manure Handling Near Produce Farms (PPT – 29 slides)
Authors: Liz Maynard, Scott Monroe

Fertilizer Application Regulations (PPT – 49 slides) Updated by Trish Dunn and Matt Pearson

Fertilizer Regulation Handout (DOC)

Fertilizer Certification (PPT – 16 slides)

Prevent Glugging (WMV Video)

Well Contamination (PPT – 27 slides)

Atrazine and Water Quality (PPT – 44 slides)

Bulk Storage (PPT – 43 slides)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPT – 30 slides) Updated 2-22

6 minute video from Alabama State counterpart on PPE. Would be good wrap-up following the powerpoint presentation.  PPE video

Pesticide Jeopardy (PPT – 68 slides, revised 2016)

Pesticide Poisoning of Livestock (PPT – 20 slides)


Other PARP Topics

( Topics can be presented at a PARP program; But do not qualify for Regulatory Topic)

Purdue On The Farm 2022 Survey Results pptx (21 slides)
Compiled by Dan Quinn and Shawn Casteel, Purdue University Agronomists. Educators whose county  participated in the program, are encouraged to include your own slides and results to give it a local perspective.
On the Farm Survey Results report 1-18-23 video (44 minute) stored on Box
of Dan Quinn and Shawn Casteel, PU Agronomists presenting to ANR educators on Jan. 18, 2023. Educators can review before presenting the topic.

Pesticide Resistance Management Webinars,  hosted by Take Action. Weed scientists from land-grant universities across the country  share information about harvest weed seed control, the value of residuals and metabolic herbicide resistance. Videos are 30 to 60 minutes in length.

2021 CMW  All Presentations of the 2021 Crop Management Workshop. Total time 3 hours.

UAV in Agriculture (PPT 47 slides, 130 MB) Developed by Mark Carter, Delaware ANR educator and ANR Drone Team.

Useful to Usable U2U Corn Split N Applicator Decision Support Tool
Author: Hans Schmitz
PowerPoint (PPT – 32 slides)
Overview REV 10 2015 (PDF – 4 pages)
User Guide REV 20 2015 (PDF – 6 pages)

Aquatic Plant Control (PPT – 24 slides)

Category 14 Certification Training Master (PPT – 110 slides)



Indiana Corn & Soybean PARP Support Materials

How to find your records(PPT 11 Slides) shows screen shots that correspond to the How to Search Your Records handout. Created by Bryan Overstreet.

How to Search Your Records (PDF) 1 page handout

Tips and tricks for online trainings and meetings (DOC) Scott Gabbard

Teaching Remotely (DOC) Krista Farthing

PARP Program Number Slide
to display during PARP meetings

Commercial Certification for Extension Educators:
Document describing commercial certification parameters for Extension Educators (DOC)

Private Applicator Application Form (PDF)

PARP Fee Remittance PARP-2 (PDF)

PARP Attendance Form PARP-1 (PDF)

PARP Program Approval (DOC)


What's New

2023 Mandatory PARP Regulatory Topic

Updated 2-17-2023; Train the trainer video

Dicamba Update 2-16-2023, incorporated into the 2023 Regulatory topic

Other PARP Topics Crop Survey Results