Commercial Applicators

CCH Requirements

Continuing Certification Hour (CCH) Requirements

Commercial pesticide applicator certification can be renewed by either retesting (retaking the Core and category exams) or by accumulating Continuing Certification Hours (CCHs).

CCHs are awarded by attending university-, government- and industry-sponsored programs for which credit has been approved by the Office of Indiana State Chemist. If the required number of CCHs is earned, certification is automatically renewed for another five (5) years.

CCH requirements vary by category. Numbers required per category per 5 years are:

Category 1: 20 CCHs
Category 2: 10 CCHs
Category 3a: 15 CCHs
Category 3b: 20 CCHs
Category 4: 10 CCHs
Category 5: 15 CCHs
Category 6: 15 CCHs
Category 7a: 20 CCHs
Category 7b: 15 CCHs
Category 7d: 20 CCHs
Category 8: 15 CCHs
Category 11: 20 CCHs
Category 12: 10 CCHs
Category 13: 10 CCHs
Category 14: 8 CCHs
Registered Technicians: 8 CCHs

See the approved CCH programs posted on the OISC website