Commercial Applicators

Initial Certification


How do I get Certified?

Certification of commercial applicators is generally a two-step process. Applicators seeking certification will take a Core examination that addresses fundamentals of pesticide use and at least one category exam that relates to their field of professional interest. Once the required exams are passed, certification is good for five (5) years.

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Training Manuals

Core and category training manuals designed to help applicants prepare for their certification exams are available from The Purdue Education Store or 765-494-6794. Manuals are $30 each plus shipping.

See the PPP list of training manuals

Training Programs

Applicants may choose to attend Core and category training programs offered by Purdue Pesticide Programs. Core and category training sessions are optional, day-long events with exams offered at the end of their respective training days.

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Exam-only Opportunities

The Office of Indiana State Chemist offers exam-only opportunities for applicants who prefer to self-study (i.e., take their exams without training). Exams are available free of charge at Purdue’s West Lafayette campus.

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